Referral Service

If you need legal help and are looking for a law firm, the Law Society of NSW Solicitor Referral Service (SRS) can provide personalised assistance.

How to request a referral

There are three ways you can request a referral:

How the SRS works

Where possible, we maintain a database of around 1,600 private law firms who have registered their details, areas of law and other practice information with us. This allows us to easily search for firms that are likely to meet your individual needs and quickly provide you with their contact details.

We will find up to three firms that are conveniently located for you and which offer legal services in the area of law you need assistance in. If you ask, we can include other criteria in your search, such as firms with solicitors who:

  • make Legal Aid applications
  • make home, hospital or prison visits
  • are prepared to take calls after hours in criminal matters
  • are fluent in languages other than English
  • have foreign law experience
  • are female
  • are Accredited Specialists (for more information visit the Specialist Accreditation Scheme page).

What happens after your request is received?

After we have received your referral request, you will receive a letter – by fax, email or post (or printout if using the online service) – listing the contact details of up to three firms. Once you have received the referral letter it is up to you to make contact with the law firms. The firms on your letter are under no obligation to provide legal services to you.