Law Society Profiles

Surveys and Statistics

The following reports provide valuable statistical and demographic information about the legal profession in NSW which assists the Law Society to fulfil its responsibilities to solicitors now and into the future.

2020 National Profile of solicitors

Law Society National Profile report 2020

This national profile includes a demographic breakdown of solicitors represented by each of the eight state and territory Law Societies in Australia.

Profile of the solicitors of NSW

Profile of the Solicitors of New South Wales 2016

This report contains a demographic analysis of the solicitors of NSW and helps to identify and monitor trends in the legal profession. Information is drawn from two sources: the annual census data in the Law Society's database and the annual survey completed as part of Practising Certificate renewal.

Practising solicitor statistics – Quarterly updates for 2020/21

The following statistics on practising solicitors are drawn from the Law Society's database:

June 2021
March 2021
December 2020
September 2020