Property Law


What we do

The Property Law Committee brings together a network of enthusiastic young lawyers with the aim of providing a supportive environment filled with likeminded individuals who share a common interest in the law. The committee delves into all aspects of property law including: community titles, strata schemes, retail/residential developments, major infrastructure projects, major leisure projects, leasing, property tax, and construction.

Our initiatives

  • The committee meets once a month and members are welcome to attend to discuss legislative changes, important judicial decisions and current matters of interest in the property industry. The committee also welcomes a guest speaker on a monthly basis to facilitate discussion on new legal developments.
  • The committee frequently coordinates networking and educational events and provides young lawyers with a collegiate environment to meet other members from across all areas. These events include workshops and panel discussions that explore the commercial, retail, industrial and residential spaces.
  • Members are also welcome to attend the committee’s annual ‘Career Paths’ panel discussion which features industry professionals from various areas of the law and is designed to assist young lawyers at the start of their legal career.
  • The committee regularly prepares submissions on behalf of Young Lawyers and property practitioners in connection with proposed legislative reforms as well as government discussion papers released for industry feedback.
  • Members are also encouraged to take part in pro bono services across the State as well as sign up to the committee mailing list to receive updates on important property law issues and upcoming property industry events.

Who we are

Chair: Elyse DiStefano
Secretary: Geoffery Milani

What’s happening

Please visit our Facebook page to view our upcoming events

When do we meet?

Monthly - First Tuesday 

2 February 2021 6:00pm

6 July 2021 6:00pm

2 March 2021 6:00pm

3 August 2021 6:00pm

6 April 2021 6:00pm

7 September 2021 6:00pm

4 May 2021 6:00pm

5 October 2021 6:00pm

1 June 2021 6:00pm

2 November 2021 6:00pm