Celebrating Queer Futures

in the Legal Tapestry

Wednesday 15 May 2024


NSW Young Lawyers invites you to join us for our Celebrating Queer Futures in the Legal Tapestry event in collaboration with Pride in Law

Attendees will get to enjoy networking over canapes and drinks with fellow early career lawyers and a fireside chat with speakers:

  • Taylah Spirovski, 2024 NSW Young Lawyers President
  • Ben Koval, Events Officer, Pride in Law 

We hope this event inspires you to continue to blossom into your full self, while also encouraging community dialogue, education and awareness, so that the legal profession can continue to foster stronger communities in pride and unity. 

All proceeds will be donated to the 2024 NSW Young Lawyers Charity, the Mirabel Foundation

Registrations open soon


Taylah Spirovski

Taylah Spirovski | Read Bio
NSW Young Lawyers 

Benjamin Koval

Benjamin Koval | Read Bio
Vice President  
Pride in Law, NSW Chapter