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Reputation is an idle and most false imposition, oft got without merit and lost without deserving.

Shakespeare was right when he wrote this four centuries ago. But in the 21st century, reputation remains as critical as ever. Brands can be built up or torn down in mere moments over social media.

On Tuesday 23 March 2021, our In-House Corporate Lawyers Committee brought together a panel of defamation law and online branding experts to explore the challenges social media can present, and provide your organisation with practical tips on how to positively leverage today's vast array of social channels.

Our panellists covered:

  • How lawyers can better educate their digital marketing teams about the legal risks
    of social media;
  • What steps you can take to protect your organisation against brand hijacking;
  • How you can use social media to your benefit when dealing with a public relations crisis;
  • How to maintain brand credibility when dealing with trolls;
  • The best place to start in developing a reliable plan to manage and encourage engagement; 
  • How far your social media policy can go in restraining your employee's use of their social media accounts.

Watch this on-demand webcast to discover the good, the bad and the ugly sides of social media and how to use it to your advantage in driving awareness and profitability for your organisation.


Dr Daniel Joyce

Dr Daniel Joyce | Read bio
Senior Lecturer, UNSW Law & Justice

Larina Alick

Larina Alick | Read bio
Executive Counsel, Nine Publishing (formerly Fairfax Media)


Craig Badings

Craig Badings | Read bio
Partner Sydney, SenateSHJ


Kate Allman

Kate Allman - Moderator | Read bio
Online Editor, LSJ

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