2023 Annual Conference



8.00 - 9.00am

Arrival and networking

8.45am | Official Welcome


  • Tony de Govrik, General Counsel & Company Secretary, Probus South Pacific Limited

8.55am | Opening Address  


  • Rebekah Hunter  Chair of the In-House Corporate Lawyers Committee 

9.00 - 10.00am

Unlocking Efficiency and Excellence: Harnessing Legal Operations for In-House Legal Teams

Discover how legal operations can revolutionise your in-house legal department. This session delves into the transformative power of streamlined processes, technology integration, and strategic planning. Learn how legal operations enhance collaboration, increase productivity, and drive cost savings while ensuring compliance and risk mitigation. Uncover the tools and best practices to optimise workflows, automate routine tasks, and leverage data analytics. Gain valuable insights to empower your legal team, enhance decision-making, and position your organisation for success in the dynamic corporate landscape. Join us to unlock the true potential of legal operations and supercharge your in-house legal department.


  • Tyrilly Csillag, Head of Commercial and In-House, Practical Law Australia,  Thomson Reuters  
  • Anna Golovsky, Executive Manager Legal and Company Secretariat Operations, IAG
  • Katrina Johnson, Group General Counsel, WiseTech Global
  • Peter Connor, Founder & CEO, Alternatively Legal

10.00 - 11.00am

The Bell Review – Key Lessons for In-House Lawyers

Join us in this illuminating conference session tailored for in-house corporate legal departments as we unravel the lessons and insights gleaned from the Bell Review. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges, implications, and best practices to stay informed, prepared, and proactive in your legal advisory role.


  • Caspar Conde, Barrister 

11.00 - 11.30am

Morning Tea Break incl networking

11.30 - 12.30pm

Navigating Dual Roles: Lawyers as Directors in the In-House Legal Department

Explore the unique challenges and responsibilities faced by in-house legal department lawyers who wear multiple hats as both legal advisors and company directors. This session delves into the delicate balance between providing commercial advice and serving as the moral gatekeeper of the organisation. Gain insights on effective decision-making, ethical dilemmas, and legal compliance in the corporate landscape. Learn how to navigate conflicts of interest, maintain professional integrity, and uphold the highest ethical standards. Join us to discover practical strategies and best practices to excel in these dual roles and contribute to the success of your organisation.


  • Justin Moses – Deputy Chair of the In-House Corporate Lawyers Committee (moderator) 
  • Professor Pamela Hanrahan, UNSW Sydney
  • Linden Barnes, Senior Ethics Solicitor, Law Society of NSW
  • Abigal Jones, Senior Vice President, Head of Legal Asia Pacific, State Street Bank and Trust Company

12.30 - 1.30pm

Bridging the Gap: Thoughtful Conversations with Internal Stakeholders

Join us for an insightful and interactive session as we explore effective strategies for engaging in meaningful conversations with internal stakeholders who may lack awareness of the in-house legal lawyer's role. Discover how to bridge the knowledge gap by fostering a culture of collaboration and understanding. Gain practical techniques to educate and communicate the value that legal professionals bring to the organisation. Learn to navigate misconceptions, align expectations, and build strong relationships with key stakeholders. Join us to enhance your ability to advocate for the legal team's role and impact within your organisation.


  • Adjunct Professor Dr Louise Mahler, Executive Coach and Mentor 
  • Cicely Sylow, General Counsel, Birdon Group
  • Michael Guilday, General Counsel, Sydney Fish Market
  • Ryan Fletcher, Principal, Legal Policy Solutions

1.30 - 2.30pm

Lunch Break incl networking

2.30 - 3.30pm

Hear from the Regulators 

Risk is all around us. Every decision we make carries an element of risk and whilst we may not be able to avoid it, we can always be better equipped and prepared. In today’s economy, a lot of attention is given to financial risks. However, it does not take a great leap of the imagination to acknowledge that matters such as cyber security, environmental issues and corporate governance, can very quickly translate to significant financial implications for a business.


  • Jessica Farrah, Head of Industrial Relations - Group Litigation, Qantas Airways Limited   
  • Lucinda McCann, General Counsel, APRA  
  • Peter Renehan, Special Counsel, ACCC
  • Chris Savundra, General Counsel, ASIC 

3.30 - 3.45pm

Afternoon Tea Break incl networking

3.45 - 4.45pm

Chat GPT: Ethics and Professional Conduct Issues for In-House Lawyers & Corporate Lawyers

ChatGPT and other forms of Generative AI are starting to be used by lawyers and legal practices but what's happening with in-house counsel. Often working across multiple legal practice areas, is generative AI the solution to processing vast amounts of information, summarising complex legislation, regulatory and policy statements. Far from eliminating jobs, is the new technology going to be the way to get the job done faster and better and freeing up lawyers to be providing advice to their stakeholders. Ethics and professional conduct issues need to be considered: confidentiality, privacy, privilege, duty of competence & diligence, supervision..the list goes on. And what’s happening with the lawyers you brief? Are they using generative AI and are you satisfied with their policies around this use?


  • Cathryn Urquhart, Professional Skills Trainer, Facilitator of the Legal Practice Management Course at College of Law

4.45 - 5.00pm

Closing Address

Program is subject to change.