Early Career


2023 Annual Conference



8.00 - 9.00am

Arrival and networking

8.45am | Official Welcome

8.55am | Opening Address  


  • Taylah Spirovski, NSW Young Lawyers Vice President

9.00 - 10.00am

Navigating Career Development in the Digital Frontier: Embracing New Horizons and Building a Future-Proof Legal Career

Embark on a transformative journey of career development in the digital era. Explore the exciting possibilities available in the changing world of work and how these advancements shape the legal landscape. Discover how to future-proof your legal career, harnessing the potential of emerging technologies while honing essential skills for success. Gain practical insights into essential aspects such as supervision and mentorship, strategic planning, building your network in a digital context, and exploring alternative career pathways. Key session’s outcomes include:

  • Understand why it is critical to take ownership of your career and be proactive about your career planning in the changing world of work
  • Discover how to assess your current career situation to confirm where you want to go next
  • Learn how to clarify your career goals, potential pathways and establish a plan you can take action on
  • Find out how to gain the support of mentors, develop your network and grow a successful legal career -- whatever that looks like to you!


  • Stacey Back, Career and Leadership Coach, Founder and Director, Stacey Back.com

10.00 - 10.30am

Morning Tea Break incl networking

10.30 - 11.30am

Empowering Early Career Lawyers: Unlocking Advocacy Opportunities in the Digital Age

Join us for an empowering session tailored to early career lawyers seeking to enhance their advocacy skills and embrace the power of technology in legal practice. Learn practical strategies to tap into a range of advocacy opportunities, including community advocacy, in-court advocacy, pro bono work, and policy initiatives. Explore real-world case studies and expert insights to master the art of persuasive communication and make a meaningful impact. Don't miss this chance to harness the digital age to amplify your voice and become a formidable advocate for justice.  


  • Brett McGrath, Senior Judicial Registrar FCFCOA, and Vice President of the Law Society of NSW (moderator)
  • Carmel Lee, Barrister, Greenway Chambers

11.30 - 12.30pm

Design Thinking in Law: Unleashing Creativity and Innovation in Legal Problem Solutions and Legal Service Delivery

Explore how design thinking methodologies can revolutionise your approach to legal problem solving. Learn to think outside the box, embrace empathy, and develop innovative solutions that address client needs, improve process optimisation, project management and elevate the way you deliver legal services. Learn practical strategies to streamline workflows, eliminate inefficiencies, and enhance the quality of your practice whilst leveraging technology, automation, and data-driven insights to drive productivity and client satisfaction. Join us to unlock your untapped potential as a legal innovator and embrace a new paradigm of client-centred, human-centric legal practice. Don't miss this opportunity to reshape your thinking and shape the future of law.


  • Therese Linton, Positive Lawyer Coach, The BASALT Group  (Moderator)
  • Caryn Sandler, Partner and Chief Knowledge and Innovation Officer, Gilbert + Tobin 

12.30 - 1.30pm

Lunch Break incl networking

1.30 - 2.30pm

Chat GPT: Ethics and Professional Conduct Issues for Early Career Lawyers

ChatGPT and other forms of Generative AI are starting to be used by lawyers and legal practices. Is this a positive or negative for junior lawyers, taking away jobs or streamlining the more mundane tasks and freeing up time? Ethics and professional conduct issues need to be considered: confidentiality, privacy, privilege, duty of competence & diligence, client engagement, billing, supervision..the list goes on. Does your supervisor know if you are using ChatGPT and if so, do you have a policy that guides this usage? And what about other tech/AI like Chatbots?


  • Cathryn Urquhart, Professional Skills Trainer, Facilitator of the Legal Practice Management Course at College of Law

2.30 - 3.30pm

Mastering the Art of Effective Communication: Building Bridges for Success in the Legal Profession

Join us for an engaging session designed to empower early career lawyers with essential communication skills. Explore the vital aspects of communication, both internally within your organisation and externally with clients and stakeholders. Learn how to ask for and receive feedback gracefully and navigate challenging situations with confidence. Walk away with the tools to foster effective and respectful communication that will propel your legal career to new heights.


  • James Skelton, Partner - Commercial, IP & Tech, Swaab (Moderator)
  • Elissa Baxter,Chief Legal Officer, LAWCOVER
  • Katherine Lau, Professional Support Solicitor, The Law Society of NSW 
  • Theo Kapodistrias, General Counsel, Evergen and Speaker + Public Speaking and Communication Coach

3.30 - 3.45pm

Afternoon Tea Break incl networking

3.45 - 4.45pm

Recharge and Thrive: Combating Burnout

In the demanding and high-pressure world of law, burnout has become an alarming issue affecting lawyers at all career stages. Want to know how to thrive in the demanding world of law while prioritising your mental and physical health? Here we’ll guide you on recognising the signs of burnout, understanding its underlying causes, and implementing effective coping mechanisms. We will explore techniques to combat change fatigue, optimise time management and manage stress.  


  • Dr Hannah Korell, Clinical Neuropsychologist and Registered Psychologist

4.45 - 5.00pm

Closing Address

Program is subject to change.