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Supporting you

As a collective body the Law Society can actively address the practices and attitudes that can be difficult for individual solicitors to influence on their own. By taking initiatives on issues such as inflexible work arrangements and mental health we can effect positive changes across the profession.

The Society's initiatives include a Mental Health Education program for solicitors in selected regional areas, and a mentoring program to equip young solicitors with skills in managing the pressures of everyday practice.

We provide a range of counselling, childcare and lifestyle services for solicitors and their families. Members of the Law Society can also save on their health and fitness costs due to our alliances with leading health clubs Fitness First and Elevate Health.

Our services

Mental health and wellbeing – information on mental health organisations, support services for solicitors, such as Lifeline for Lawyers, the Lawyers Assistance Program and LawCare, as well as support services for clients.

Wellbeing seminar series seminar series – MCLE seminars for solicitors across NSW.

Mentoring Programs – the Law Society currently offers two mentoring programs for its members. 

Professional Conduct Advisory Panel – the PCAP provides confidential support to solicitors who are subject to disciplinary proceedings.

Care and lifestyle solutions – child, elder and special needs care solutions, as well as lifestyle advice for Law Society members.