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St.George Bank’s Residential Loan Discharge Process

Refer to the St.George Bank website for the latest discharge form or obtain one from a local St.George branch to submit requests for the following types of cases:

  • Full discharge of home loans 
  • Partial discharge of a security 
  • Substitution of securities

Letters are no longer accepted as formal requests.

Hard copy forms are to be faxed to:
Full Discharges 02 9995 8300
Partial Discharge and Substitutions 02 9995 8304

Or posted to:
St.George Bank
Discharge Department
Locked Bag 1
Kogarah, NSW, 1485

Information you will need to complete your Request

  • Authorisation to act on behalf of the client with St.George
  • Full names of mortgagor(s) 
  • Primary loan account number 
  • Address of Security Property(s)
  • Clear understanding of mortgagor's intention: 

– Discharge the full loan; or 

– Discharge only part of the security held against a loan; or 

– Substitution of one security for another against a loan; or 

– Repay a loan in full

Once the Bank has received your request, we will send you a letter containing an interim payout figure within 10 days. On receipt of this, book the settlement by either contacting:

  • Our Call Centre for all Sydney CBD settlements (ph: 1300 883 183); or 
  • The country branch

An up to date payout figure must be obtained on the day of settlement in all cases.

For more information, please contact the St.George Bank Call Centre on 1300 883 183, 8:30am - 6pm (EST), Monday to Friday.



  • St George Bank
  • Discharge Department
  • Locked Bag 1
  • Kogarah NSW 1485
  • T: 1300 883 183
  • F: (02) 9995 8300 or
  • (02) 9995 8304