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CBA Instructions on Completion and Dispatch of Discharge Authority

‘Discharge Authority’ Completion

1. Download the generic Discharge Authority (it will open in a new window).

2. Complete the following sections of the authority on line prior to printing the form for signing by the borrowers and guarantors.

‘Borrower Details’ - Complete Borrower/s full name/s, Borrower to be contacted, contact phone number and mailing address for all correspondence after settlement (Note: ‘Customer No.’ will not require completion).

‘Settlement Details’ – Record the facilities to be released, including the customer/s Loan Account number.
If partial release of the security is required, please record the word ‘Partial’ beside the loan account number that requires partial release of security.
The Certificate of Title reference/s, Mortgage number/s and security property/ies address must be recorded.
The name of your company and your full name must also be provided we need to contact your office.

‘Declaration’ – In the event of surplus funds record the account name, account number and bank/state/branch number of the Commonwealth Bank account where funds are to be credited. If the customer requires excess settlement funds to be lodged with another Bank, then as the customer's solicitor/agent you will need to arrange for the funds to be deposited with the other financial institution.
Record the full name of all mortgagors, borrowers and guarantors to the loan and indicate if the customer is a mortgagor, borrower or guarantor.

3. Signing of Discharge Authority – All borrowers and guarantors to the loan being repaid/refinanced/reduced are to sign and date the discharge authority. Where execution by a company is required, please have the company affix the appropriate execution clause on the reverse of the authority, ensuring that it is executed in accordance with its Constitution.

‘Discharge Authority’ Dispatch

Once the authority has been completed and signed by all borrowers and guarantors, please fax the authority to the Commonwealth Bank.

CBA Mortgages Services Sydney - Discharges team
Fax Number – (02) 8898 3605

Please note – Once the authority has been faxed to the above number you do not need to send the original via mail.

The CBA has established a toll-free number for Discharge Settlements in Sydney – 1800 884 570. This is now the only number that can be used to book a discharge settlement. 

For more information relating to discharges, please visit www.commbank.com.au


  • Commonwealth Bank
  • Mortgage Services NSW
  • PO Box 3846
  • Parramatta NSW 2150
  • DX 434 Sydney NSW
  • T: 1800 884 570