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President's List of Arbitrators

The President is called upon from time to time to nominate an arbitrator in a dispute arising out of a contract for sale of land, lease, mortgage, or other contractual document.

Parties seeking the appointment of an arbitrator by the President should seek advice on whether this is possible.

Who can seek appointment to the President's List of Arbitrators

The President's List of Arbitrators is made up from those nominated by the Law Society to be a Local Court, District Court or Supreme Court Arbitrator.

For more information, download the Combined Guidelines for Law Society Nominations of NSW Supreme Court, District Court and Local Court Arbitrators.

Method of application

From time to time the President will call for expressions of interest in nomination for appointment as a court arbitrator. To apply you will need to complete an Expression of Interest Form. Please contact the Dispute Resolution Legal Officer, Policy & Practice Department for more information.

You will need to disclose in the application particulars of any complaint of professional misconduct which may be the subject of investigation by the Legal Services Commissioner or the Law Society or which is the subject of proceeding against the applicant in the Legal Services Tribunal. You may be required to provide proof of qualifications and experience.



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