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The Pro Bono Scheme 

The Law Society’s Pro Bono Scheme can refer you to law firms that are willing to provide their services for free or for a reduced fee and financial contribution.

This includes providing legal advice, help with preparing documents and representation in court. 

Are you eligible? 

To apply for the Scheme you must:

1. Have been refused assistance from Legal Aid, or have a matter that is outside of their guidelines;
2. Have a matter within the Scheme’s guidelines; and
3. Satisfy our means and merit assessment.

While The Pro Bono Scheme will make every effort to help an eligible person, there is no guarantee that you will receive assistance.

The Scheme relies on the generosity of solicitors and we cannot compel a solicitor to accept the matter. 

Click here for areas of law covered by the Scheme. 

How do I apply?

Applications can be made online or by completing an Application for Pro Bono Assistance and returning this to The Law Society of New South Wales.

Supporting Documentation

Your completed and signed application must also include the following documents:

  • Your refusal letter from Legal Aid.
  • Copies of your bank statements and your financially associated person’s bank statements for the most recent 3 months for all accounts held in your name and joint names.
  • A print out from Centrelink as to benefits received.
  • Copies of your payslips and your financially associated person’s payslips.
  • Copies of relevant court documents.
  • Any other supporting documents.

Please send your completed, signed application form, with all supporting documentation attached, to:

The Law Society of New South Wales
The Pro Bono Scheme
170 Phillip Street
Sydney NSW 2000 

Please be advised that we do not accept facsimiles.

The Pro Bono Scheme does not commence assessing an application until all required documentation has been provided.

Additional Information 

We require a minimum of 10 business days to assess an application. Due to number of applications received, we are not in a position to provide updates on applications or confirm receipt of documentation.



  • The Law Society of New South Wales
    The Pro Bono Scheme
  • 170 Phillip Street
  • Sydney NSW 2000
  • DX 362 Sydney
  • (02) 9926 0364 
  • assistapply@lawsociety.com.au