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NSW Young Lawyers

What is NSW Young Lawyers?

NSW Young Lawyers is the state's largest body of young and newly practising lawyers, and law students in Australia. With a current active membership of more than 15,000 members, NSW Young Lawyers supports practitioners in the early stages of their career. This professional body also gives young and newly practising lawyers and law students, the opportunity to network, expand their knowledge and contribute to the community.

What are the benefits of joining NSW Young Lawyers?

  • Allows you to explore different areas of law which you may be interested in.
  • Gives you an opportunity to connect with your peers and legal practitioners, people who can provide you with ongoing support and advice.
  • Provides you with a mentoring service
  • Provides you with a great opportunity to sharpen your knowledge through training and information sharing while having fun along the way.

Who Can Join?

  • Students enrolled in an approved course of studies, the successful completion of which leads to the entitlement to apply for admission to practise as a lawyer or legal practitioner in NSW;
  • Legal practitioners (including barristers) admitted to practice in NSW who are under the age of 36;
  • Legal practitioners (including barristers) in their first five years of practice post admission in NSW.

Getting Involved

Becoming an active member of NSW Young Lawyers could not be easier! There are many ways to get involved depending on your interest, commitment and personal circumstance.

  • Sign up to the email list for your area of interest which will give you information about monthly meetings, recent projects and upcoming events;
  • Participate in a Committee - Joining one of the committees is an ideal way to become an active member of NSW Young Lawyers;
  • Attend Events.

The How to Survive and Thrive in your First Year of Law Guide (2nd edition) is a good way to start your journey. 

Visit the NSW Young Lawyers Webpages for Further Information 


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