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Specialist Accreditation



Am I eligible to become an Accredited Specialist?

 To take part in our Specialist Accreditation program you must:

  • Hold a current solicitor’s practising certificate;
  • Be a current solicitor member of the Law Society of NSW or full solicitor member of an equivalent body in an Australian state or territory;
  • Be engaged in the practice of law on a full time basis for at least 5 years;
  • In each of the three years immediately preceding your application, have been engaged in the area of practice or law in which you would like to become an Accreditation Specialist;
  • In the three years preceding this application, have practised in the area for not less than 25% of full time practice.

In relation to any period during which a practitioner has worked part-time in the 3 years preceding this application, the practitioner has undertaken work in this area not less than the equivalent of 25% of full time practice (for example: not less than 2.5 days per fortnight working exclusively in the area).

Note: The definition of a solicitor can be found in s 6 of the Legal Profession Uniform Law (NSW).