Specialist Accreditation Conference 2021

5 August 2021

Due to NSW Health guidelines, the Specialist Accreditation Conference 2021 will be held online.

Join us virtually for an exciting lineup of speakers and topics presented by Accredited Specialists, Academics and experts in your field.

The 2021 Specialist streams are:

Attendees will receive 10 CPD units per specialist stream, with 7 hours CPD on the day of the conference, plus 3 hours available on-demand. 


Jacoba Brasch
Dr Jacoba Brasch QC | Read bio
President, Law Council of Australia


Richard Harvey
Richard Harvey* | Read bio
Chair, Law Society’s Specialist  Accreditation Board

Kerrie Lalich
Kerrie Lalich | Read bio
Chief Executive Officer, Lawcover 


Juliana Warner
Juliana Warner | Read bio
President, the Law Society of NSW

Yvonne Weldon
Yvonne Weldon | Read bio
Chairperson, Metropolitan Local 
Aboriginal Land Council



*Speaker is an Accredited Specialist


Date: Thursday 5 August 2021
Format: Online
CPD: 10 CPD Units 
Cost: Member: $1,120
Non-member: $1600
Become a member


Business law Employment and industrial law Family law 
Personal injury Property law Wills and estates 


  Member price (2021) Non-member price
Super early bird
until 16 May
$895 $1280
Early bird
17 May - 30 June
$995 $1430
Standard price
1 July - 4 August
$1,120 $1,600



Elly Ashley
Elly Ashley | Read bio
Special Counsel, Holding Redlich


Michael Meek
Richard Berkhan | Read bio
Partner, Clyde & Co

Selwyn black
Selwyn Black | Read bio
Partner, Carroll & O' Dea 


Linden Barnes
Linden Barnes | Read bio
Senior Ethics Solicitor, Professional Support Unit,
The Law Society of NSW

Reece CW
Reece Corbett-Wilkins | Read bio
Partner, Clyde & Co


Geoff Farland
Geoff Farland | Read bio
Barrister, University Chambers

Andrew Fernon
Andrew Fernon SC | Read bio
Barrister, University Chambers


John Graves
John Graves | Read bio
Principal, Bradfield & Scott Lawyers

Sydney Jacobos
Sydney Jacobs | Read bio
Barrister & Mediator, 13 Wentworth 


Flo Mitchell
Flo Mitchell* | Read bio
Partner, FM Legal

Kevin Munro
Kevin Munro | Read bio
Solicitor / Partner, Munro Lawyers



Andrew Rider
Andrew Rider | Read bio
Barrister, Level 22 Chambers

Brett Warner
Brett Warren | Read bio
Senior Investigator, Small Business,
Engagement & Compliance,
Australian Securities and Investments Commission 



*Speaker is an Accredited Specialist



Joseph Catanzariti Photo
Joseph Catanzariti AM | Read bio
Vice President, Fair Work Commission

Lea Constantine
Lea Constantine | Read bio
Partner, Ashurst

Kate Eastman
Kate Eastman SC | Read bio
Barristers, New Chambers

Graham Evans
Graham Evans* | Read bio
Managing Partner, O'Connell Group

Brett Feltham
Brett Feltham* | Read bio 
Partner, Gadens

James Mattson
James Mattson* | Read bio
Partner, Bartier Perry Lawyers

Michael Meek
Chris McArdle* | Read bio
Principal, McArdle Legal


*Speaker is an Accredited Specialist



Susan Abrams
Sue Abrams* | Read bio
Solicitor – Director, ATW Family Law

Bernie Bolger
Bernie Bolger | Read bio
Principal, The Mediation Collective

Jacqueline Dawson
Jacqueline Dawson* | Read bio 
Principal solicitor, Sexton Family Law

Maurice Edwards
Maurice Edwards* | Read bio
Special Counsel, Watts McCray Lawyers

Nick Gaudion
Nick Gaudion | Read bio
Director, Forensic Accounting Division, Cutcher

Simeon Levin
Simeon Levin | Read bio
Lead Adviser, Fitzpatrick’s Private Wealth

Brett McGrath
Brett McGrath | Read bio
Senior Registrar, Family Court of Australia,
and Federal Circuit Court of Australia

Michelle Mears
Michelle Meares | Read bio
Family law and Compensation Practice Leader

Carly Middleton
Carly Middleton* | Read bio 
Partner, Barkus Doolan Family Lawyers

Michael Meek
Matthew Shepherd* | Read bio
Principal, Shepherds Family Law

Cameron Stewart
Professor Cameron Stewart | Read bio
Professor of Health, Law and Ethics, 
University of Sydney Law School

Glenn Thompson
Glenn Thompson OAM* | Read bio
Partner, Newnhams Solicitors


*Speaker is an Accredited Specialist


Simon Cohen
Simon Cohen | Read bio
Workers compensation review officer

Jnana gumbert
Jnana Gumbert* | Read bio
Barrister at law, Jack Shand Chambers

Stephen Harris
Stephen Harris | Read bio 
Partner, Moray & Agnew

Bill Madden
Bill Madden* Read bio
Special Counsel, Carroll & O'Dea Lawyers

Roshana May
Roshana MayRead bio
Director Strategy, Policy & Support,
Office of the Independent Review Officer (IRO)

Judge Gerard Phillips
Judge Gerard PhillipsRead bio
President, Personal Injury Commission

Richard Royle
Richard Royle | Read bio
Barrister, Sir Owen Dixon Chambers

Matthew Seisun
Matthew Seisun | Read bio
Partner, Sparke Helmore Lawyers

Sarah Warren
Sarah WarrenRead bio 
Barrister, 9th Floor Windeyer Chambers

Neil Watt
Neil WattRead bio
Principal, Solicitor & Consulting Ethicist, Neil Watt Consulting

Rita Youssef
Rita Yousef*Read bio
Lawyer, Stacks Goudkamp


*Speaker is an Accredited Specialist


Linden Barnes
Linden Barnes | Read bio 
Senior Ethics Solicitor, Professional Support Unit,
The Law Society of NSW

Steven Berveling
Steven Berveling | Read bio
Barrister, Martin Place Chambers

Julie Brooke-Cowden
Julie Brooke-Cowden* | Read bio
Heads of claim, Lawcover

Tony Cahill
Tony Cahill | Read bio
Legal author and presenter

Reece CW
Reece Corbett-Wilkins | Read bio
Partner, Clyde & Co

Matthew Cridland
Matthew Cridland | Read bio
Partner, K&L Gates

Geoff Farland
Geoff Farland | Read bio
Barrister, University Chambers

Costas Koutsis
Costas Koutsis | Read bio
Partner, Ashurst

Gary Newton
Gary Newton | Read bio
Partner, HWL Ebsworth

Michael Osborne
Michael Osborne* | Read bio

Cathy Sherry | Read bio
Associate Professor,
University of New South Wales

Diane Skapinker
Diane Skapinker* | Read bio
Consultant, Ashurst

*Speaker is an Accredited Specialist


Darryl Browne
Darryl Browne* | Read bio
Browne Linkebagh Legal Services

Natalie Darcy
Natalie Darcy* | Read bio
Senior Solicitor,
NSW Trustee and Guardian

Lauren Grindley
Lauren Gidley | Read bio
Legal Practitioner Director,
Glass Goodwin

Jeremy Glass
Jeremy Glass* | Read bio
Legal Practitioner Director,
Glass Goodwin

asheetha jelliffe
Asheetha Jelliffe* | Read bio
Partner, Bridges Lawyers

Michael Meek
The Hon. Justice Geoff Lindsay
| Read bio

The Supreme Court of New South Wales

Female generic
Jennifer McMillan* | Read bio
Legal Practice Consultant, Lawcover

Michael Meek
Michael Meek SC, TEP | Read bio
13 Wentworth Chambers

Lisa Roberts
Lisa Roberts* | Read bio
Senior solicitor estate planning,
NSW Trustee and Guardian

Prue Vines
Prue Vines | Read bio
Professor, Faculty of Law,
University of New South Wales


*Speaker is an Accredited Specialist

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