2019 Law Society Diary

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The 2019 diary is sold out.

The Law Society advises all formats of the 2019 diary are sold out.

No more diaries will be printed for 2019.


Announcement – Duties section


The Law Society of New South Wales notes that the calculation of stamp duty on the transfer of real property is changing due to indexation. These changes will come into effect with respect to transactions made on or after 1 July 2019. For further details of the changes see Revenue NSW’s website. We understand that Revenue NSW’s online calculator has been updated to reflect the revised brackets.

These changes will cause the amounts listed in the “Duties” section of the 2019 Law Society Diary (pages 269 to 284) to be no longer correct with respect to such transactions.

Practitioners who purchased the 2019 Law Society Diary should cease using the Duties section of the Diary as it will not be current from 1 July 2019.

June 2019