Current Office Bearers

President - David Turner

David is the President of NSW Young Lawyers for 2018. Prior to his appointment as President, David was Vice President in 2017, an Executive Councillor of NSW Young Lawyers in 2016, and Vice Chair of the Animal Law Committee in 2015. David is a barrister practising in insolvency, equity, and general commercial litigation at Edmund Barton Chambers.

During his presidency, David will focus on preparing NSW Young Lawyers for the future of the legal profession, and equipping its members to capitalise on the disruption and change that is sweeping the professional services industries. David will also continue to grow NSW Young Lawyers’ access to justice and law reform projects.

David holds a Bachelor of Laws (with Honours) and a Bachelor of Arts from Macquarie University, and is currently undertaking a Master of Economics at Macquarie University.

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Vice President - Jennifer Windsor

Jenny is a senior solicitor with the NSW Police Force, advising and representing the Commissioner in litigation, claims, inquiries and other disputes in a wide range of civil and administrative law areas. Jenny has an extensive history working for Commonwealth, ACT and NSW Governments.

Jenny has been an active member of NSW Young Lawyers for many years, and prior to being elected as Vice President at the 2017 Annual Assembly she served in the positions of Treasurer, Secretary and Executive Councillor. Jenny has been a member of the Public Law & Government Committee since 2013. As Vice President, she looks forward to supporting the initiatives of NSW Young Lawyers and each of its Committees, particularly in providing mentoring and networking opportunities relevant to the diverse needs of the membership.

Jenny believes in the potential for all lawyers to work in the public interest, whatever their role, and encouraging and empowering current and future leaders of the profession to fulfil this potential.

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Treasurer - Jem Punthakey

Jem is a lawyer working in class action litigation. He graduated from UNSW where he was involved in the UNSW Law Society, Law Faculty Board, ALSA and competitions.

Jem is Treasurer for 2018. He was an Executive Councillor in 2016-2017. He was a General Delegate from the Business Law Committee in 2015 and has been attending committee meetings and NSW Young Lawyers events since 2007. He co-founded the SCLSS Committee in 2010.

Jem's objectives for 2018 are to manage the treasury portfolio by promoting income sources and ensuring prudent yet effective expenditure; to contribute to the incubator project; to investigate opportunities to upgrade NSW Young Lawyers communication systems; to introduce tracking and measuring of membership activity; to add interactive functionality to the website; and to continue to engage inactive members.

Outside work, he enjoys learning French, piano, chess and windsurfing.

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Secretary - Lotte Callanan

Lotte is an Associate(Family Law) with Taylor & Scott Lawyers, where she has worked since 2015. Lotte has practised exclusively in the area of family law since her admission in 2013, previously working as an associate to a family law Judge of the Federal Circuit Court at Sydney. Lotte assists clients in all aspects of family law, including parenting matters, property settlement, financial agreements and divorce. 

Lotte holds a BA in Communications (Social Inquiry)/ LLB from UTS and a Master of Applied Laws (Family Law) from the College of Law.

Lotte has been a member of the Family Law Committee since 2015 and was elected chair of the committee in 2016 where she has worked to continue the success of the Professional Skills Series, Confidence in the Courtroom and submissions work.

Lotte has a particular interest in law reform work and looks forward to working with the other office bearers and executive council to progress NSW Young Lawyers' commitment to both law reform and access to justice.

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Immediate Past President - Emily Ryan

Emily is the Immediate Past President of NSW Young Lawyers for 2018, having been the President in 2017. Emily is also the Young Lawyer Representative on the Council of the Law Society of New South Wales.

Emily was Vice President of NSW Young Lawyers in 2016, Chair of the Environment and Planning Law Committee from 2014-2015 and Vice Chair and Submissions Coordinator prior to that, and has been an active member of the Committee since 2011.

From 2014-2016 Emily was the NSW Young Lawyers Representative on the Law Society Environmental Planning and Development Committee, and continues to sit on that Committee.

Emily has a strong interest in and commitment to social and environmental justice. She is currently the Outreach Director - Professional Programs at the Environmental Defenders Office NSW, and has worked as an Outreach Solicitor with the organisation since 2011.

Emily is dedicated to providing guidance to law students and young lawyers on alternative careers in the law, and on how they can pursue their aspirations to achieve access to social and environmental justice in our community.

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