General Delegates

General Delegates (previously known as Presidential Nominees) are persons appointed by the President of NSW Young Lawyers. Typically, they are members of NSW Young Lawyers who have shown an active interest in the organisation and are keen to get more involved in the future of NSW Young Lawyers.

General Delegates provide an important opportunity for members of NSW Young Lawyers to have input into the decision making and planning for the organisation. As well as attending the Assemblies each year, our 15 General Delegates meet regularly throughout the year to develop and contribute to NSW Young Lawyers’ projects.

2019 General Delegates

The President is pleased to appoint the following General Delegates for 2019:

  • Dion Bull
  • Audrey Chan
  • Tudor Filaret
  • Dannielle Ford
  • Ellie Haas
  • Andrew Hack
  • Sarah Ienna
  • Priti Joshi
  • Simon Kumar
  • Maidei Kutsanzira
  • Louisa McKimm
  • Bernie Musry
  • Jessica Norgard
  • Bronte Spencer Sellers
  • Sophia Ulrich

About the role - General Delegate

The duties of the General Delegates are to:

  • Attend both the MYA and Annual Assembly - traditionally held in May and November each year (involves committing to attend the Assemblies in person over two weekends; the cost of shared accommodation, food and activities will be fully funded by the organisation)
  • Contribute to the Assemblies their views and opinions on matters for discussion
  • Participate in consultation with the Office Bearers and the Executive Council of NSW Young Lawyers as and when required
  • Participate in at least one or more of the Committees in the calendar year
  • Be willing to undertake such duties as may be assigned to them by the NSW Young Lawyers Executive Council or the Assembly

It is important that each General Delegate is able to fully participate in the above duties when committing to this role.