NSW Young Lawyers

Mid-year assembly

2 - 3 June

Registrations for 2018 are now closed.

About the Assemblies

Each year NSW Young Lawyers hosts two working assemblies (Mid Year and Annual Assemblies) where the leaders and representatives of our organisation and other representatives from the legal profession gather together to collaborate and contribute to the future direction of NSW Young Lawyers. The Mid Year Assembly is traditionally held in a regional location and the Annual Assembly in Sydney CBD; both are attended by members from all over NSW.

What you can expect?

The focus of the assembly will be on our commitment to serving the members of our organisation, the profession and the community. It is an opportunity for all attendees to help the direction of NSW Young Lawyers and advocating for the younger members of the profession.

The information pack for the conference will be provided in April each year and will provide you with information on the venue, travel arrangements and the agenda.

Who Attends the Assemblies?

It is customary for NSW Young Lawyers to invite representatives from various organisations within the legal profession to attend our assemblies and participate in our organisation.

  • Current Office Bearers
  • Current Executive Councillors
  • Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs of the 15 substantive committees
  • General Delegates - Selected by the Offices Bearers at the beginning of each calendar year, they attend the Mid Year and Annual Assemblies as delegates
  • Representatives from Student Law Societies
  • Young Lawyer Representatives of the Law Society of NSW Committees
  • Young Lawyer Delegates of the 29 Regional Law Societies
  • Nominated Young Lawyer Representatives of various Professional Associations including the ACLA, Legal Aid, NSW Bar Association and many others
  • Nominated Representatives from the Courts.

Other members of the organisation may attend the Annual Assembly in the role of observer but are unable to vote.

2017 Mid Year Assembly

The 2017 Mid Year Assembly (MYA) was held at the Pullman Magenta Shores Resort, Central Coast, on Saturday 3 and Sunday 4, June 2017.

The MYA attracted highest numbers to date, with over 110 of the organisation's most engaged members gathering  to discuss the future of NSW Young Lawyers. The theme was Unite with Purpose – a call to action for all of us – Committees, Council, Delegates, and Members – to unite for a common purpose: supporting young lawyers, and creating opportunities for them to expand their knowledge, extend their network, advance their career, and contribute to the profession and community.

The Assembly featured a special Keynote Address from the 2017 NSW Young Lawyers Patron, The Honourable Justice Margaret Beazley AO, amongst other presenters.

Delegates who attend the Assemblies come from a very broad range of backgrounds, and all have very different things to offer. At MYA 2017 there was once again a strong focus on social justice issues, as well as much enthusiasm for both projects that the organisation are currently working on and new ideas for future projects.

NSW Young Lawyers President, Emily Ryan, said, "I am incredibly proud to be part of an organisation in which so many volunteers put their time into bettering our profession and supporting young lawyers and the community. I am very grateful to all delegates for giving up their time and expertise to be a part of it."

NSW Young Lawyers are grateful to have the support of Unisearch Expert Opinions Services, whose sponsorship of the Assemblies is so important and valued.