How long will the commitment be?

We ask our mentors to make commitments of at least 10 months in order to ensure the mentee can fully benefit from the program.

Who can see my application form?

The information provided in your application will be kept confidential and only used by the program administrators to identify an appropriate mentor or mentee. Some information you provide may not be used when identifying an appropriate partner. Your mentoring partner will be able to view the information you provide in your application after you have been matched.

How will I know if I have been successful and who I have been matched with?

When applications close, we review all mentee and mentor applications to identify appropriate matches. We aim to inform you of your mentee three weeks prior to the program commencing.

Who runs the Law Society Mentoring Program?

The Law Society has partnered with Art of Mentoring to deliver best practice mentoring techniques and support all mentees and mentors involved in our programs. Each mentoring program has its own dedicated online platform where you will be able to apply for the program and find all the necessary resources in one place. This platform is accessible via desktop, phone or tablet anywhere, anytime.