2020 Mid-Year Assembly

13 June 2020

Due to recent regulations around COVID-19 mandated by the Australian Federal Government, the NSW Young Lawyers Mid-Year Assembly will be held digitally over one day on 13 June 2020. More details to be provided shortly.

What you can expect?

The Mid-Year Assembly is an occasion to celebrate the achievements of NSW Young Lawyers, hear from experts about various areas of law and life and to vote for next year's leaders.

One of the primary, and significant, functions of our organisation is to provide a support for law students and lawyers in their early years in the profession, something that is often not readily available in modern legal practice.

The Mid-Year Assembly provides a rare opportunity for representatives across our membership to meet and discuss how our organisation is working, and what we can do in the future. With this in mind, the focus of this assembly will be on creating resilient individuals who in turn can influence and sustain the wider profession.

Who attends the Assembly?

  • Current Office Bearers
  • Current Executive Councillors
  • Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs of the 15 substantive committees
  • General Delegates - Selected by the Offices Bearers at the beginning of each calendar year, they attend the Mid Year and Annual Assemblies as delegates
  • Representatives from Student Law Societies
  • Young Lawyer Representatives of the Law Society of NSW Committees
  • Young Lawyer Delegates from the 29 Regional Law Societies
  • Nominated Young Lawyer Representatives of various Professional Associations including the ACLA, Legal Aid, NSW Bar Association and many others
  • Nominated Representatives from the Courts