Happy Hour: Questions of Law

Trivia for socially distanced lawyers

A new weekly legally based digital trivia event for socially distanced lawyers, NSW Young Lawyers are excited to announce the launch of their new weekly digital trivia challenge, Happy Hour: Questions of Law – Trivia for Socially Distanced Lawyers.

Hosted by The Chaser’s Julian Morrow, Happy Hour will allow lawyers to test their knowledge as either individuals or in teams – all participants will need is access to the internet.

Register your details at the link below

  • will receive a Zoom link prior to the event. This can be accessed via either your browser or the Zoom app
  • Access the Zoom link before 5pm on Friday. Follow the instructions given by Julian Morrow on the Live Stream. You will need to access the trivia platform via a link that will be provided at the commencement of the event – this can be accessed either by a mobile device or in a separate window of your browser. This will allow you to register yourself as an individual or team and answer the questions in real time.
  • If you are participating as a team – you will need to nominate one team member to register through the platform and submit your team’s answers. Create a Facebook messenger group, Zoom or Microsoft Teams group chat with your fellow team members to discuss your answers.
  • Watch the Zoom live stream, answer the questions on the trivia platform and have a great time.
  • Winners will be notified at the conclusion of trivia.
  • Take some photos while you’re participating with the hashtag #nswyounglawyers for your chance to be featured on NSW Young Lawyers social media.

Register here