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The ways in which legal services are delivered have expanded. In response to clients' increasing needs for end-to-end solutions, multidisciplinary practices (MDPs) are growing. 

In the first FLIP Buzzwords for 2021 on 24 February, our panellists delved into MDPs and how they provide a one-stop shop for clients by offering value-added and integrated services from both lawyers and non-lawyers. 

Our panellists addressed:

  • What is a multidisciplinary practice? 
  • Are non-lawyers within MDPs bound by the same ethics as lawyers?
  • Where do we draw the line between legal and non-legal work?
  • Will the current business models survive? 
  • How can you compete against MDPs? Do you need to consider building a whole new model, or acquire or join an existing practice?
  • Can collaboration with others in the legal supply chain allow you to focus on areas of expertise?

Watch now to get the buzz on MDPs.


Juliana Warner, President, The Law Society of NSW

Juliana Warner - Moderator | Read bio
President, the Law Society of NSW

Adam Merlehan, Managing Director, Merlehan Group

Adam Merlehan | Read bio
Managing Director, Merlehan Group


Jason McQuillen, Partner, KPMG Law, KPMG Australia

Jason McQuillen | Read bio
Partner, KPMG Law, KPMG Australia


Terrie Gibson

Terrie Gibson | Read bio
Director, Licensing and Registry, the Law Society of NSW

Glenda Carry, Regulatory Compliance Solicitor, the Law Society of NSW

Glenda Carry | Read bio
Regulatory Compliance Solicitor, the Law Society of NSW


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