LSJ Speaker Series


Tuesday 2 April 2019

7.30am - 9.00am

1 CPD Unit

Burnout has become a hot topic for professionals in 2019. Are you on the brink?

Did you know untreated mental health conditions cost Australian workplaces an estimated $10.9 billion per year?

Adding to this, up to one third of Australian lawyers report suffering distress and even disability due to depression. Forty per cent are likely or very likely to leave their current firms in the next year.

Digital connectivity, globalisation and the 24-hour economy have bred workplaces that are asking lawyers to work around the clock, at 100 per cent productivity.

But being “always on” and “always connected” is unsustainable. Lawyers are only human. And sooner or later, those humans start to burn out.

This upcoming event in the LSJ Speaker Series will explore issues surrounding billable hours and the high-achieving mentality putting lawyers at risk of burnout. Hear diverse perspectives from city and regional lawyers who will speak openly about their struggles with depression and anxiety in an exclusive panel forum.

A psychologist will provide expert advice and tools on how to improve wellbeing for law firms and practitioners. The conversation will be guided with sensitivity by LSJ journalist and host of the Off the Record podcast Kate Allman.

Join us for this inspiring and insightful conversation and leave with the resources you need to improve happiness and productivity in your workplace.

Event Details


  • Date Tuesday 2 April 2019
  • Time 7.30am - Registration and networking breakfast
                8.00am - Welcome and panel discussion
                9.00am - Event concludes
  • Venue The Law Society of NSW, 170 Phillip Street, Sydney
  • CPD 1 CPD Unit
  • Cost Member $55
              Non-members $75
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Peter Jones has been a partner at both Gilbert + Tobin and DLA Piper in Sydney and is a leading technology  lawyer. He is passionate about improving mental health for lawyers, having suffered from depression and anxiety himself.  He has spent much of the last few years on identifying and implementing steps towards recovery and continues to maintain a resilient lifestyle.

Natalie Goodall is a regional lawyer based at Cater & Blumer Solicitors in Griffith, NSW. She has lived with anxiety and panic attacks resulting from work-related burnout and can provide a unique perspective on mental health challenges facing lawyers in regional areas.

Dr Timothy Sharp is the founder and CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) of the Happiness Institute, Australia’s first organisation devoted to enhancing happiness in individuals, families and organisations. Dr Sharp has three psychology degrees and an impressive record as an academic, clinician and coach.

Kate Allman is an awarded journalist, podcast host and the Online Editor of LSJ magazine. She has reported widely on issues relating to lawyers’ mental health and is the regular host of the LSJ Speaker Series, sparking difficult conversations on topics including alcohol and sexual harassment.

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