Online Wills and Probate for support staff

26 August - 30 September 2019

This beginner level course aims to provide you with general knowledge and skills in the administrative procedures in the area of Wills and Probate. Please note that your firm may have different procedures in some aspects of completing a Will or Probate and therefore, your firm’s procedures should be followed accordingly. 

This course has a set start and end date over a four week period and is designed to be completed sequentially on a weekly schedule. The units for this course will follow key administrative steps that are required to prepare and file documents, letters and forms for a typical Wills and Probate matter. You will also work through a case scenario throughout the duration of this course.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Create a client file
  • Identify commonly used terms
  • Draft a Will
  • Understand the steps in executing a Will
  • Draft a Power of Attorney
  • Obtain necessary documents to enable a Probate Application to be lodged
  • Draft Probate documents
  • Compile an Inventory of Property
  • Calculate Probate costs
  • Understand steps in the administration of an estate
  • Complete the distribution of an estate

Hosted by Kerrie Anglin

  • Date: 26 August - 30 September 2019
  • Venue: Online
  • Tickets: $365