Improve your probate practice by providing better client service with eClosure's Probate Assist. 

Improve your Probate Practice with Probate Assist:

There are many hours spent on completing forms and searching for lost and forgotten assets when someone passes away. Probate Assist is a platform that allows law firms to efficiently complete forms for financial institutions, share registries and any other organisation requiring a form when someone passes away.

  • Probate Assist streamlines the filling of forms for each Probate
  • Saves lawyers up to 75% time on closing, transferring and acting on all account types

Enjoy Law Society Members Benefits:

  • 2 months Free trial for all Law Society Members
  • 2 months Free technical support for all Law Society Members
  • 2 hour free consultation with our process improvement team

In addition to streamlining of forms, Probate Assist also provides easy access to the following services:

  • eClosure Online – Free service to closing of social network and email accounts of deceased
  • eClosure Money – Search for lost and forgotten assets of deceased

eClosure provides online services for families who have lost a loved one. We assist in providing technology solutions for end of life services, specialising in the legal and funeral industries.

Exclusive offer to Law Society members - 2 month free trial