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We create quality, expert content across our extensive print and digital publications. We provide practical information, educational resources and essential updates to cover all your needs.

This year, we are launching a suite of enhanced digital products aimed at making our publications even more accessible. LSJ – print and digital Our award-winning flagship publication, LSJ, is published monthly in print and digital formats. It features contributions from the creme de la creme of the legal profession, as well as a network of talented journalists. In mid-2018, we are proud to be launching a stand-alone LSJ website, with a mobile responsive design meaning you can get your fix when and where you need it.

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Monday Briefs, our most popular e-newsletter, covers key issues and events happening each week and offers valuable and timely updates on important news and developments, legislative changes, exclusive services for members, as well as upcoming seminars and training. Our segmented e-newsletters, including In The House, provide bi-monthly inspiration and insights, no matter what field you’re working in. Our range of other resources from books to leaflets, blogs and handbooks are all available via our e-shop or behind our member-only firewall.

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Gain exclusive access to Small Practice portal, expert advice on key areas of running a small practice like risk management and building client relationships, and CareerHub, your online guide to a successful career in the law.