CPD and

Specialist Accreditation

There are plenty of CPD providers on the market, but none understand your needs, habits, interests and pain points quite like we do.

Our comprehensive Legal Education Program is one of the largest in Australia and includes a range of topics covering legal updates, technical and soft skills, practice management, wellbeing and procedural matters.

LawInform – a new CPD platform

Using the latest technology, our innovative approach to CPD delivery and management via our new LawInform platform means juggling your professional requirements has never been easier. With key features such as mobile learning, an Australia-first CPD tracker, tailored communications and alerts, and a diverse range of courses at your fingertips, this one-stop shop completely reimagines CPD. As a member, you receive a complimentary platinum subscription to LawInform which gets you 30 per cent off CPD courses and a range of other great perks.

Become a specialist

Specialist Accreditation is a structured peer assessment program which enables practitioners to gain recognition as an expert in their chosen area of practice. Solicitors who fulfil the requirements of the program are entitled to use, after their name, the words Accredited Specialist in the nominated area of practice. Gaining accreditation is a significant achievement which offers practitioners a recognised means of differentiation and demonstrated expertise. Only Law Society members can access this program.