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To tackle some underlying issues that are faced, most commonly, by women in the legal profession, the Law Society’s CPD program offers tailored sessions focussed on particular development needs of women lawyers.

The CPD program aims to incorporate training in key skills providing practical tools for career progression and increased self-confidence. Courses in leadership, communication, confidence in negotiation, and self-awareness to name a few, provide avenues to address the unique requirements of women in the profession.

Upcoming CPD Seminars 

  • Consciously Influencing Others - 29 November 2018

The cooperation of others is required for any individual or team to achieve a business objective. This course is designed to enable individuals to increase the chances of achieving their objectives by ethically persuading and encouraging others to cooperate. Click here to register.

Past CPD Seminars 

  • Understanding and Managing High Conflict Legal Disputes - 23 August 2016

Legal practice can be difficult: don't let a high conflict personality make it even more so. These disputes can generally be managed by understanding high conflict behaviour and using skills to manage the dispute that are often different from ordinary conflict resolution methods. This practical and skills-orientated half-day workshop will equip you to manage difficult personalities with minimal damage to your sanity, your workplace cohesion or the outcome of the matter at hand.

  • Leadership Series: Relationship Building - 27 July 2016

The ability to succeed in contemporary organisations is strongly linked to an aptitude to forge and maintain productive and profitable relationships. Few people rise to senior levels without these core relationship building skills. Through this workshop participants will gain insights into different behavioural styles and how to adapt their own style to influence effectively.

  • Challenging Conversations: Achieving Win-Win Outcomes - 28 June 2016

Differences of opinion frequently lead to tension and frustration in working relationships, and the way we communicate can make or break our network of influence. This half day practical workshop focuses on how to achieve win-win outcomes when faced with differences of opinion, unavoidable conflict and challenging conversations.

  • Communicating with Confidence - 17 June 2016

Half the battle with communicating confidently is actually feeling confident and managing to exude that confidence. This is not always easy, and can be especially challenging for women in male dominated environments. This unique half day workshop was designed to teach women how to communicate powerfully and with confidence. 

  • Leadership Series: Managing Challenging Behaviours - 25 May 2016

Dealing with challenging behaviours is not just a desired skill but an essential leadership capability. This workshop will explore the impact of challenging behaviours on leading successful change. Participants will gain awareness of what lies at the source of challenging behaviours and how to develop strategies to manage it effectively to achieve positive change.    

  • Communication Skills: Executive Presence Master Class - 11 March 2016

This unique half day workshop was designed to teach you how to communicate powerfully and with confidence. Using the Alexander Technique to help develop an awareness of how we think, move and feel in our daily activities, the focus of this session was on having a clear sense of identity when speaking; developing a natural style of speaking; using positive and powerful language, and; recognising an inner dialogue which promotes effectiveness.

  • Women in Law Forum: The Evidence of Leadership - 18 November 2015

This facilitated breakfast discussion explored the practical evidence of leadership. How do you know when you're in the presence of a leader? The group shared their experiences of leadership that motivated and inspired, and unpacked what these leaders had in common. The shared insights on this were that leadership comes from having a clear purpose and vision. The group then explored what that means for each of them personally, and came up with some clear actions on how to use the insights gained to build on their leadership skills. 

  • Leadership Series: Communicating with Influence - 4 November 2015

In the highly competitive workplace of the 21st century, it is the ability to engage others through establishing mutual benefit that lies at the heart of successful negotiation and that is in highest demand from leaders. This workshop explored effective negotiation skills teaching simple but effective frameworks to support the careful exploration of another’s position, to find a mutually acceptable resolution. These practical skills could be transferred directly to workplaces to increase skills of influence, from performance negotiations to building teams and managing difficult conversations.

  • Leadership Series: Building a High Performance Team - 3 September 2015

Being in a team is not the same as being a team player. This workshop explored the differences between underperforming and high performing teams. It covered the key characteristics of high performing teams, the role of culture in team behaviour and how to create environments that preference the success of the team over the individual.

  • Women in Leadership Series: Assertive over Aggressive - 12 August 2015

This breakfast forum explored perceptions around assertive vs aggressive behaviours. The discussion explored the characteristics of each to gain a better understanding of the impacts and our ability to increase control over other's perceptions. Participants explored the role of confidence in assertiveness and some very practical tips where shared on how to create a confident presence. 

  • Women in Leadership Series: Owning Your Value - 17 June 2015

Our ability to build collaborative relationships, to create supportive teams, to network and to "sell ourselves" are all key skills that we need in order to target and achieve our career and life goals. The workshop applied a coaching style to shift concepts from theoretical to practical to address key leadership areas identified as crucial to success for women in legal practice. Participants learnt how to lead with purpose and to build alignment, empowerment and performance. 

Unconscious bias refers to bias that we may not even be aware of, which can affect our decision-making and behaviour in the workplace and in the recruitment process.

Rule 6.1 CPD Seminars

The Law Society is including unconscious bias training in Rule 6.1 CPD seminars, so that it is one option for legal practitioners when completing their mandatory CPD training.

Rule 6.1 provides that a solicitor must complete ten CPD units in each CPD year, including at least one CPD unit in each of the following fields: 
• ethics and professional responsibility
• practice management and business skills
• professional skills, and 
• substantive law.

The Law Society provides Rule 6.1 CPD seminars which comply with the compulsory units other than substantive law.

The first Rule 6.1 seminar with an unconscious bias training component was held on 24 August 2016. For information about upcoming CPD seminars, please go to the LawInform page.    

Unconscious Bias Online CPD

The Law Council of Australia has partnered with Symmetra to develop an online Unconscious Bias CPD module that will address the impact of bias in diversity in the law as well as its impact on key business and legal decisions.