Wednesday 28 August 2019

With innovation and competition reshaping the way lawyers are finding clients, performing tasks, setting up practice and providing services, the FLIP Inquiry Series: NewLaw took a dive into new practice types and their approaches. 

Our panel consisted of legal professionals, in-house and new law representatives who are committed to improving legal service delivery by driving innovation throughout their organisations and profession.

The panel discussed:

  • What is NewLaw?
  • NewLaw practice types and approaches to work including value based billing; online, paperless and virtual firms, legal hubs or marketplaces, hybrid practices, chambers practices and multi-disciplinary collaborations
  • The commoditisation of legal services – what does that mean for the profession? 
  • Automated legal services – what are they and how do they work?
  • Why would B2C and B2B clients engage with new law practices?
  • What does all this mean for sole practitioners, law firms and legal departments?


  • Dominic Woolrych, CEO, LawPath | Read bio
  • Matthew Grace, Principal, Strategy, Innovation, Alpha Creates | Read bio
  • Michelle Smyth, Regional General Counsel, Oceania, Ernst & Young | Read bio
  • Rose Dravitzki, Head of Chambers, Clarence, Workplaces for Lawyers | Read bio
  • Thomas Kaldor, Head of Legal Transformation, LegalVision | Read bio


  • Elizabeth Espinosa, President, Law Society of NSW | Read Bio