NSW Young Lawyers

Leadership Team

NSW Young Lawyers President - Olivia Irvine

Olivia loves her work as a lawyer with Hazelbrook Legal, where she and her team enjoy complex corporate and commercial problem-solving, with a particular focus on financial services (she has a close, but complex friendship with RG97, and is on a first-name basis with the CCIV Framework and Other Measures Act).
Having been admitted to practice in September 2020, Olivia had a wonderful, and technology forward (ie. virtual) admission ceremony. Olivia received her professional work experience as a volunteer with Redfern Legal Centre, in the Health Justice Partnership and Police and Government Accountability practices, prior to which she worked for many years in the rare book trade.
Since joining in 2018, Olivia has been an enthusiastic member of NSWYL. In 2019 she became the Submission Co-Ordinator of the Communications, Entertainment and Technology Sub-Committee, completing a then-record number of submissions, and in November 2021, was appointed Chair of the Sub-Committee. Olivia won both the 2020 and 2021 NSWYL Golden Gavel competitions.
Olivia was honoured to be appointed as Vice President of NSWYL at the 2021 General Assembly and now as President, aims to continue NSWYL's culture of inclusivity and to grow resilience, engagement, and opportunities throughout the community.
Olivia is always interested in discussing financial services law and her favourite ASIC RGs, access to justice, and medieval literature. For wellbeing, she also enjoys illustrating birds.

Vice President - Taylah Spirovski

Taylah is a commercial litigation solicitor at HWL Ebsworth Lawyers. At NSW Young Lawyers, she is the Vice Chair of the Communications, Entertainment and Technology Law Sub-Committee. Alongside this, Taylah is currently a Board Member of a not-for-profit community organisation run by women for women affected by domestic violence, as well as the Chief Executive Officer of a youth-led human rights organisation. Taylah also represents Australia within the Young Commonwealth Lawyers Association's Australasia Hub.

Taylah is a passionate advocate for a more gender equal world and is committed to promoting and protecting the rights of marginalised communities. 

Through Executive Council, Taylah hopes to have a positive impact on women in the legal profession and improve their experiences in the law.  

Taylah holds a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics (Distinction) from the University of Wollongong.

Secretary - Amy Farrugia

Amy is a solicitor at Vania Holt Legal, where she works in both family law and estate planning. Admitted to practice in 2022, Amy gained her professional work experience at the Aboriginal Legal Service in Newcastle, the University of Newcastle Older Person's Legal Clinic and  'Law on the Beach' clinic.

Amy's involvement with NSW Young Lawyers began in 2021, when she became Student Representative for the Criminal Law Sub-Committee. During her time as Student Representative, Amy co-ordinated and chaired the Criminal Law Sub-Committee's 'Careers in Criminal Law Panel', an event designed to assist those wanting to begin or transition into a career in criminal law. In 2022, Amy became Vice Chair of the Criminal Law Sub-Committee and graduated from the University of Newcastle, where she completed a Juris Doctor with Distinction. She also holds a Bachelor of International Studies from the University of New South Wales.

During her free time, Amy enjoys listening to podcasts, going to the gym, cooking new recipes and taking her cat for long walks in the backyard (it is quite a small cat).

Submissions Lead – Kyra Pastrovic 

Kyra has been a Solicitor at the Department of Communities and Justice since 2021. She has experience in inquests, inquiries, civil litigation, prosecution and tenancy. 

In 2022, Kyra commenced her role as Executive Councillor with NSW Young Lawyers, having been an active member since 2020. She was also appointed as the NSW Young Lawyers Submissions Lead in 2022.

In 2019, Kyra completed a Bachelor of Laws at the University of Wollongong and in 2021, she completed a Graduate Certificate in Laws (Criminal Practice) at the University of Wollongong. She is currently pursuing further post-graduate legal studies at the University of Sydney.

Kyra is passionate about government law, particularly, inquests and prosecution. 

In her spare time, Kyra enjoys learning language, reading, hiking, yoga, playing the piano, and spending time with her cats.

NSW Young Lawyers Immediate Past President – Leah Serafim

Leah is an Associate in the disputes practice at Herbert Smith Freehills, specialising in large-scale taxation disputes with federal and state revenue authorities. Leah has been an active member of NSW Young Lawyers since 2015, when she moved to Sydney for work and decided she needed to meet some people who (1) weren't tax lawyers and (2) didn't think the consolidation rules were a topic of socially-acceptable conversation.

Admitted to practice in 2015, Leah was elected as the Vice-Chair of the NSW Young Lawyers Business Law Sub-Committee in 2016, then its Chair in 2017. During her time as Chair, the Business Law Sub-Committee was awarded the 2018 NSW Young Lawyers Patron's Award for Best Professional Project by The Hon. Justice Fabian Gleeson SC.

In 2019, following the completion of her term with the Business Law Sub-Committee, Leah was elected Chair of the NSW Young Lawyers Taxation Law Sub-Committee.

Leah has been the Young Lawyers Representative on the NSW Law Society Business Law Committee since 2017 and is a member of its Taxation Sub-Committee. Leah also occasionally moonlighted as Secretary for the Law Council of Australia's Business Law Section (Tax Sub-Committee) during 2017 and 2018.

Leah was awarded the NSW Young Lawyers Patron's Award for NSW Young Lawyer of the Year by Jane Needham SC in 2019 for her contribution to the legal profession and, in particular, her work in improving the well-being of junior lawyers.

Leah holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) / Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from the University of Newcastle and is an Associate of the Tax Institute of Australia.

In her spare time, Leah likes to inform small children and aspiring taxpayers that, while vampires aren't real, they should be afraid of capital gains tax.

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