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Contribute to the LSJ

Letters to the Editor

Send your letter to letters@lawsociety.com.au.

Letters to the LSJ must include the sender’s name, address and contact details. By submitting your letter for publication you agree that we may edit it for legal, style or other reasons and may, after publication in the magazine, republish it on the internet or other media.


We would like to publish articles from a broad pool of experts and members, and we’re eager to hear your ideas regarding topics of interest to the profession. If you have an idea for an article, email a brief outline of your topic and angle to journal@lawsociety.com.au. Our team will consider your idea and pursue it with you further if we would like to publish it in the LSJ. We will provide editorial guidelines at this time. Please note that we will no longer accept unsolicited articles.

Members on the Move

Please send brief details of your move or promotion, as well as a high resolution (at least 1MB) colour photo, to journal@lawsociety.com.au.

For copyright purposes, we will assume that any photograph you provide may be reproduced by us without infringing the copyright of any third party on the basis that we are granted a non-exclusive royalty-free licence (or similar) to use the photograph(s) in any Law Society material and retain any amounts received as a result.


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