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Find a solicitor search help

There are several ways to search for a solicitor in Find a Lawyer, depending on how much information you already know, the solicitor's location and individual requirements.

General search tips

  • You do not have to fill out all the fields. The more fields you complete, the more specific your search results will be.
  • If you receive no matches to your search, there are no solicitors registered with the Law Society who meet all the criteria you entered. To widen the search results you may need to remove one or more of the criteria.
  • Text entered into the fields is case insensitive.

Name fields

If you know all or part of a solicitors' name, enter one of more of the:

  • Last name (family name / surname)
  • Other name (first name / given name).

Click the down arrow to select:

  • 'partial' if you know some of the letters within the name
  • 'exact”' if you know the exact spelling of the name
  • 'fuzzy' if you know the general sound of the name.

Suburb field

Enter the first three letters of the Suburb to display a list of all cities, towns and suburbs in NSW beginning with these letters in alphabetical order.

You can then either type the suburb name in full or scroll down the list. For the latter, click on your chosen suburb in the list to select it.

Region field

Use this field to locate a solicitor within a particular geographical area. This is useful to find a solicitor located close to you if you have not been able to find one in your particular city/town/suburb.

The 'Interstate' options in this field can be used to find solicitors who are located in other Australian states and territories but who practise in NSW.

For a statewide search, including interstate practitioners, leave on the default 'All Regions' and make sure the Suburb field is also clear.

Accredited Specialist field

An Accredited Specialist is a solicitor who has completed the Specialist Accreditation professional development scheme operated by the Law Society of NSW. This scheme is for solicitors who wish to be recognised for their expertise in a particular area of the law. For more information about Accredited Specialists download the information flyer, Find the right solicitor for your needs.

If you do not wish to search for an accredited specialist, leave the field set at the default, 'Non-specialist'.

If you wish to search for an accredited specialist, click the down arrow to select the area of law in which you are seeking a specialist.

Language (other than English) field

Use this field to locate a solicitor who speaks another language besides English.

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