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CEO's Profile

Michael TidballMichael Tidball was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Law Society of New South Wales in 2006.

Mr Tidball had a policy background with the Australian Government prior to working as a Ministerial Advisor to the New South Wales Government. He has worked in the private sector in financial services, prior to serving in a Senior Executive Role in the Australian Capital Territory Government in Economic and Business Development Policy and Project work.

Mr Tidball has a long history in legal sector administration management. He was appointed Chief Operating Officer of the Law Society of New South Wales to prepare the organisation for the introduction of voluntary membership which took effect on 1 July 2004.

Since being appointed Chief Executive Officer, he has overseen a range of reforms including the Law Society’s response to National Legal Profession Reform which is intended to establish a single Australian legal services market and regulatory system. Other key areas of focus have been the development of different membership strategies and offerings across the various segments of the profession, playing a lead role in the Society’s representational work.

In 2013 Mr Tidball was also appointed the Chief Executive Officer of LawAsia, a confederation of law associations across the Asia Pacific region which is committed to advancing the Rule of Law and pursing the interests and concerns of the legal profession in the dynamic economic region of the Asia Pacific.
Mr Tidball serves as a Director of Lawcover Insurance and on the Board of Management of QL.