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Social Media Participation and Communication

The Law Society of New South Wales operates the following social media accounts: Twitter, LinkedIn members’ group, LinkedIn company profile, Facebook.


The Law Society operates these social media accounts to inform its members and the general public about the work of the Law Society, and to encourage conversation and interaction between community members. The use of social media by the Law Society aims to:

  • Reach a wider more diverse audience
  • Educate and inform
  • Promote Discussion and interaction
  • Inform on Law Society publications and policy work
  • Consider alternate viewpoints
  • Promote events and education
  • Learn about members and the community and their needs


If you like or follow a Law Society social media account, you can expect tweets and posts covering the following types of content:

  • Commentary on legal issues in the media
  • New policy submissions
  • Law Society media releases
  • Legal appointments (e.g. judicial)
  • Openings / launches
  • Law Society events, seminars and conferences
  • Other information relevant to the legal profession.

With the exception of direct messages and posts to the members’ only group on LinkedIn, all of the Society’s tweets and posts are public.


Comments or opinions expressed on this page, or by others interacting with content on this page, or in any linked page or discussion do not represent the views of, or endorsement by, the Law Society. The Law Society will moderate and remove any comments which do not comply with the relevant rules stipulated on each of the Law Society’s social media accounts.

Following and liking

The Law Society does not automatically follow or like organisations or individuals who follow or like it.

The Law Society will mainly follow other organisations associated with the legal profession, but may follow individuals who use social media in a professional, legal-related capacity.

Being followed or liked by any of the Law Society’s social media accounts does not imply endorsement of any kind. As part of account maintenance, we will regularly review the accounts we are following or liking, which may lead us to unfollow or unlike accounts.


The Law Society updates and monitors its social media accounts during office hours, Monday to Friday. It may not be possible to reply individually to all messages received via social media; however, the Law Society will ensure that emerging themes and helpful suggestions are passed to relevant Law Society staff.

The Law Society does not engage on issues of party politics, nor provide legal advice.

The usual way of contacting the Law Society for official correspondence is detailed in the Contacts and Media sections of our website.


The Law Society does not capture or record the contact details of parties following its Twitter account. Any personal information is treated in accordance with the Law Society’s Privacy Policy and with the relevant social media policy. These can be located" Twitter’s Privacy Policy, LinkedIn's Privacy Policy, and Facebook Privacy Policy.


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