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Practising Certificate fees

The annual fees for a Practising Certificate comprise:

  • Practising Certificate fee – this may vary according to the number of years you have practised.
  • Contribution to the Legal Practitioners Fidelity Fund – this will vary according to the type of Practising Certificate you hold. Government solicitors and solicitors in Community Legal Centres are not required to make a contribution.

A membership fee is payable if you elect to become a Solicitor Member of the Law Society of New South Wales. Read more about the benefits of membership.

Important fee information

Changing your Practising Certificate may attract additional fees. For instance if you move from being admitted for less than two years to being admitted for more than two years, then the difference between the two fees will be payable. An additional contribution will be required to the Fidelity Fund if you have moved from:

  • government to corporate or private practice
  • corporate to private practice

To see the total annual cost of your Practising Certificate, download the current Scale of Fees information sheet. Please note that half fees apply after 1 January each year.


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