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OFX Money transfer

OFX banner

The Law Society of New South Wales has partnered with OFX to offer members a better a deal on their international money transfers.

With OFX, members have access to bank-beating exchange rates, and will never be charged a single OFX transaction fee.*

Why pay the banks up to a 5% margin on the daily exchange rates? OFX’s network of 115 bank accounts worldwide means our rates are far more competitive. Your money sometimes won’t even need to leave the country - we pay your recipient from our funds in the destination country. It also means we can stay open during times of high currency volatility and allows us to process your transfer 24/7, 363 days a year – even when the banks are closed. We’ve also built a proprietary online platform and automated processes that let us operate with maximum efficiency, saving on staffing costs.

Whether it’s to send money to family abroad, repatriating rental income from an investment property, managing other overseas investments, or paying international suppliers for your business, you’ll be glad you switched to OFX.

Registration is quick and free, and comes with other benefits such as:

  • Complete exchange rate transparency
  • 24/7 telephone customer service and online access
  • Access to rate alerts
  • Expert daily and weekly market commentary on the major currencies,
  • Risk management tools such as Limit Orders and Forward Exchange Contracts to help reduce exposure to currency volatility





Be Inspired by OFX Customers:

“After doing three weeks of solid research, I found that OFX had the cheapest rates that I could find and it also seemed like the safest…the customer service I received was exemplary compared to previous overseas transactions that I’d made before”

- Suzie Adlington, UK expat living in Australia


Terms and Conditions

*OFX charges no transaction fees for LSNSW members, however the receiving bank or intermediary bank may charge fees on transactions. Minimum transfer amount AUD$250 or equivalent.

The Law Society’s dedicated Account Manager, Jonathan Sermon:
P: +61 2 8667 9106
E: jonathan.sermon@ofx.com