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Are you proud to be a lawyer? Here's why you should be.

Each and every day, our members are in the community defending the rights of all and upholding justice, in all its forms. 

This year, we are proud to showcase five extraordinary Law Society members doing extraordinary things. We are proud to support them, both personally and professionally, in their day-to-day lives. Their success is our success, and they make it pretty clear why we, as a profession, should be proud of the work we do. 



We want you to choose the Law Society as your professional membership body. 


Meet Michelle Kelly, regional solicitor, Everyday Legal Lismore

"Regional law is much more personal. You know your clients, you know them before they walk in the door, their family, their connections."


Meet Deng Adut, criminal lawyer, AC Law Group, 2017 NSW Australian of the Year and Law Society President's Medal winner 2016

"Law and justice are such beautiful things. Lawyers have to have the same empathy as their clients and share the feeling." 


Meet Sarah Love, solicitor, NSW Department of Public Prosecutions

"I chose the law to help people through particularly hard times. I would like to hope that I'm making a difference."


Meet Peter Butler, partner, Herbert Smith Freehills 

"I love winning. I am, in the end, a competitive person. But you've got to define winning. The best result for me is when a client can say at the end of it, 'You know, we had an awful situation, and where we have got to – together with you, as a team – is a really good result'. That's a real win."


Meet Mariam Veiszadeh, lawyer and advocate

"For me, being a lawyer means that I can both inspire and drive change. I felt that joining an esteemed profession such as the legal profession would help me be able to advocate for the less privileged."



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