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Confidence 107 85

So that’s what confidence looks like
7 tips to get through challenging meetings

Thought Leadership 107 85

Engage like never before
Wise up to the power of thought leadership

Shameless or Savvy 107 85

Shameless or Savvy?
The Double-Edged Sword of Self Promotion

Time to get to the point 107

Time to get to the point
Nine steps to taking control of your day

Harnessing 107

Harnessing your mind's potential
The art of staying focussed

Secret sauce 107

The secret sauce of success
Why flexibility is key to understanding behaviour and communication

friends at work 107

Firm friendships
Are work relationships a help or a hindrance?

Good People. Good Business

Good people. Good business.
Seven ways to create a positive, productive and happy work culture

A Meeting of the minds

A meeting of the minds
Ten steps to building an effective communication policy

Planning an intervention

Planning an Intervention
Seven steps to successfully managing up

Quality not Quantity

Quality not Quantity
Why does my boss want me to do a capability assessment?

Pricing v Billing

Pricing v Billing. Just semantics?
Why you need to discuss client cost expectations

Procurement of Cyclicality

Procurement of Cyclicality
Beginning with the end in mind

Fostering a Culture of Creativity in your Workplace

Fostering a Culture of Creativity
Six key elements for greater creativity in your workplace

Sleep your way to success

Sleep your way to success!
How could sleep underpin success?

Stepping up Stepping Up
The role of team leader            
Make your own opportunities tile Make your own opportunities
How to negotiate in your own interest at work
Conflict - Is it such a bad thing tile Why conflict is essential to forward motion
Healthy conflict will lift performance                                
Effective writing tile Effective Writing
Keep it simple                                
Productive over summer tile How to be productive over summer
Using the quiet season to build client relationships
Winning work for your firm Winning work for your firm
Dos and Don’ts for taking the stress out of tenders and proposals
Optimise your resume Optimising your resume
(To guarantee your next interview)
Making meetings matter Making meetings matter
Tips for achieving
great results
90% people 10% law Ninety per cent people, ten per cent law
Why relationships are equally as important as work quality
Leadership tile Leadership
The crucial role of social and emotional intelligence
Kicking toxic work habits Kicking toxic work habits
Once and for all
Finding your mojo Finding your mojo
Smple steps to enjoying your work
Selling your story Selling your story
How to make your work, presentation and approach stand out
So, what next? So, what next?
Developing career satisfaction
On the shoulders of giants On the shoulders of giants
The difference a mentor makes
How to write anything How to write anything
4 steps to go through every time you write
Developing deep client relationships How to develop deep client relationships
7 rules every lawyer should know
The ties that bind The ties that bind
Why you need to network (and how to build one now)

How to say no
The guilt free guide to turning something down


What clients want
The essential ingredients for lasting relationships


Are great lawyers born?
Does your personality dictate how far you’ll go?


The X factor
Can charisma help your career?


Passing the buck
6 ways to become a better delegator


The partnership paradox
Why superstar juniors don't always cut it later on


Quadrants of capability
How to become a leader in your firm


Step into my office
Why performance reviews still matter


Don't I know you? Part 1
John Weiss's 6 tips for networking success


Think first. Write second
Why clarity leads to better communications


Back on track
Helping to lift underperfoming staff


The only way is up
Simple steps for leaving pessimism behind


In the zone
How the right stress can help your work


Why try harder?
Do you really need to exceed client expectations? 

High Conflict

Engagement is easy when people are nice
Working with anger and high conflict personalities

Us and Them

Getting rid of ‘us and them’
7 ways to build your influence across the business

getting the language right

Getting the Language Right
Indigenous people’s access to the law

Humming along

Humming along
Simple steps for building a great time

telling it straight

Telling it straight
The 5 presentation mistakes lawyers always make

smartest 107

Smartest leader of them all
How to help exceptional employees succeed within your firm

making it safe 107

Making it safe
The dos and don't to managing workplace conflict     

Ten signs of talent

Ten signs of exceptional talent
How to help exceptional employees succeed within your firm

Putting the constructive into feedback Putting the constructive into feedback
Influencing change for the better
Talk is not cheap Talk is not cheap
Effective Communication starts at the top

The path to loyal clients The path to loyal clients
How to support fee earners

Three ways to a more profitable practice Three ways to a more profitable practice
Without cutting costs

The ‘it’ factor
The 'it' Factor

Four tips to lead and coach your team effectively

Every leader's most critical skill

Every leader’s most critical skill
Understanding conflict styles

communication styles Communication Skills
Dealing with "Difficult People"

5 skills you wish you'd been taught at uni Five skills you wish you’d been taught at university
And simple steps to learn them now
Dealing with change positively tile Love change
10 tips for dealing with change positively
What makes a leader tile What makes a leader?
Does emotional intelligence differentiate the star performers from average performers?
Body languages tile What does your body language say?
8 common body language mistakes to look out for
Quality service tile Quality service keeps quality clients
Getting more and better work from your clients
Perils and pitfalls of teamwork The perils and pitfalls of teamwork
And how to avoid them
A better way to manage your workload A Better Way To Manage Your Workload
Legal Project Management
Comparison is the root of all unhappiness Comparison is the root of all unhappiness
Why a five year plan is not necessarily the answer
Energy focus productivity Energy, focus and productivity
Small changes make a big difference
Win win negotiation Win win negotiation
Key techniques for dealing with conflict
Engagement the toughest gig Engagement: The toughest gig
5 tips to influence and persuade
Back yourself Back yourself
The importance of self-confidence
Mind over matter Mind over matter
3 steps to control of your career
Finding the positive Finding the positive
8 steps for taking feedback on board
Hello darkness, goodbye sun Hello darkness, goodbye sun
10 ways to beat the winter blues
How to be a rainmaker How to be a rainmaker
10 ways to win clients at any stage of your career
Different by design Different by design
How one legal team changed perceptions through simplification
Moving ahead of the pack Moving ahead of the pack
4 steps to a successful small firm career

The age of assignment
7 ways to avoid becoming a delegation dinosaur


How to become a rockstar lawyer
4 easy ways to raise your professional profile


Connecting the dots
5 simple steps to mastering LinkedIn


Coping under pressure
Why mental toughness matters 


The art of negotiation
How to avoid the most common mistakes 


Write like a pro
5 things lawyers can learn from copywriters 


Breaking in the boss
Simple methods for dealing with a difficult manager


Exit, stage fright
How to overcome your fear of public speaking


Beating the blues
Getting on top of depression in our profession


Don't I know you? Part 2
James Bacon's 6 tips for networking success


Gift of the garb
Does the way you dress affect your career?


From bad to good
How to turn around a toxic environment


Tweeting to the top
The lawyer's guide to social media


Breaching the Great Wall
How to forge relationships with Chinese clients