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Sharminie Niles   Sharminie Niles
Making a real difference to real people       
Jodie Camden   Jodie Camden
You are in charge of your own destiny         
Hannah Bruce tile   Hannah Bruce
Know when to ask for help           
Peter Guirguis   Peter Guirguis
Making a contribution           
Lyndsay Brooker   Lyndsay Brooker
Finding what's important           
Jenna MacNab   Jenna McNab
Enjoy work and life                  
Sarah Susak   Sarah Susak
Thrive off the level of intellectual challenge                          
David Britton tile   David Britton
Communication, communication and communication
Julie Dorrington  

Julie Dorrington
One can never be over-prepared        

Peter Jones   Peter Jones
Put yourself in new situations        
Penelope McCawley   Penelope McCawley
Outside the comfort zone         
Vincent Pollaers   Vincent Pollaers
Doing all you want, and at once             
Andrew Yeend   Andrew Yeend
Type-cast lawyer                    
Anne Sullivan CareerHub tile   Anne Sullivan 
KPMG GC’s secret to success                             
Image Jennifer Robinson Career Hub   Jennifer Robinson
What drives the Wikileaks lawyer?
Dermot Duncan   Dermot Duncan
My career in carbon trading    
Fiona O'Loughlin   Fiona O'Loughlin
Origin lawyer on an original journey
Philip Hoser   Philip Hoser
Having a right feel for the response is vital                 
Michelle Segaert tile   Michelle Segaert
Connected to people                 
Cormack Dunn   Cormack Dunn
Reputation matters                    
Philippa Briggs   Philippa Briggs
Look like a duck                         
Shivchand Jhinku   Shivchand Jhinku
Keeping it in perspective         
Jacqueline Downes   Jacqueline Downes
From summer clerk to partner             
Ilona Millar   Ilona Millar
Work with your passion             
Sina Mostafavi CareerHub tile   Sina Mostafavi
Manners maketh the lawyer    
Image Rebecca Mohr Career Hub   Rebecca Mohr
The importance of being international
Sandra Steele   Sandra Steele
From firm to in-house... and back again
Andrew Wiseman   Andrew Wiseman
Allens partner talks music, Harvard and learning the hard way
Estelle Robertson   Estelle Robertson
Do the work you love              
Julian Arndt tile   Julian Arndt
If you don’t understand the business, you don’t understand the problem      
Jonathan Nathan   Jonathan Nathan
Keep calm in all situations        
Kate Prior   Kate Prior
Taking new steps                      
 Luke Geary   Luke Geary
Salvos Legal founder on making a difference
Catherine Freeman   Catherine Freeman
Don't just survive, thrive          
Kathy Matri   Kathy Matri 
Family lawyer motivated by psychological and emotional fatigue                                    
Jenna Thirtle   Jenna Thirtle
The perfect start                  
Michael Stevens CareerHub tile   Michael Stevens
Going for growth                      
CareerHub Jacqueline Highfield profile   Jacqueline Highfield 
Counting the cost                    
contsable 107 85   Deanna Constable
There's always a good reason
Amanda Davidson tile   Amanda Davidson
Not the 100 yard dash                
Damian Sturzaker   Damian Sturzaker
Never trust a man with a beard
Jodie McCullan   Jodie McCullan
Drive to perform                         
Jacob Bozdas   Jacob Bozdas
Uni was a picnic                        
Mal Fielding   Mal Fielding
Good results take time              
Digby Dunn   Digby Dunn
The more you travel, the more you want to             
Hanaan Indari   Hanaan Indari
A practice based on passion
Nichole Hoskin   Nichole Hoskin
There is not one single path to take            
David Porter profile picture   David Porter
Executive Councilor              
Rola Hijwel CareerHub tile   Rola Hijwel
Changing lives                           
Julianne Taverner   Julianne Taverner
Accredited Specialist in Government and Administrative Law      
Lisa Roberts   Lisa Roberts
Wills and estates law specialist
Mark Youssef   Mark Youssef
Family law specialist                
Flo Mitchell photo 107x85   Flo Mitchell
Commercial Litigation specialist                
Imad Abdul-Kahn   Imad Abdul-Kahn
Preparation is key                
Peter Holt tile   Peter Holt
Things that we are doing today could only be imagined three or four years ago.       
Tony Trichter tile   Tony Trichter
What's under the surface?
Lisa Harden-Parnell   Lisa Harden-Parnell
Lifelong student
Raymon Loyola   Ramon Loyola
Constant cycle of change     
Doug Humpheys   Doug Humphreys
'Fess up fast;
Timothy Starr   Timothy Starr
Never regret the choices you make
Kylie Gray 107 85   Kylie Gray
Create an environment where people want to come to work and do a great job.   
Fiona James tile   Fiona James
It's never too late to change direction   
Richard Mcnamee   Richard McNamee
Fatherhood puts professional challenges into perspective          
Arunima Lal   Arunima Lal
There isn't one real career trajectory for success         
Anthony Poole   Anthony Poole
Big beginnings                            
Adelina dal Pra   Adelina dal Pra
Knowing what questions to ask                
Rachel Besley   Rachel Besley
Corporate goal defence            
Helen Brown CareerHub tile   Helen Brown
No place for ivory towers        
Brian Bero   Brian Bero
From former fitter and turner to Qantas Counsel
Prataal Raj   Prataal Raj
Australian GP's lawyer on mixing work and sport
Cayzer 107 85   Joseph Cayzer
An interest in the subject matter
James Slimnicavosci tile   James Slimnicanovski
Achieving client goals 
Shehana Wijesena   Shehana Wijesena
A considered view                   
Todd Woodland   Todd Woodland
Your career is a marathon      
Kate Gordon   Kate Gordon
Poise under pressure              
Alec Christie   Alec Christie
Learning to learn                         
Chris Fabiansson   Chris Fabiansson
Proud of the profession            
CareerHub Steven Blanch profile   Steven Blanch
Full steam ahead                       
Ross McInnes   Ross McInnes
A class act                               
Brigid Maher   Brigid Maher
Always answer the client's question
CareerHub Felicity Rourke profile   Felicity Rourke
Backing yourself                             
Isabel Doyle   Isabel Doyle
The ability to work under pressure               
Flynn 107 85   Kathereine Flynn
Find what you love and then excel at it.              
Gianna Doyle   Gianna Doyle
21st century office                    
James Howell   James Howell
Everyday is a new day             
Veronique Morgan Smith   Veronique Morgan-Smith
A career built on crossing boundaries
David Stott   David Stott
Making the switch                       
Bridget Edghill   Bridget Edghill
Learning to say no                          
Peter Robinson   Peter Robinson
Taking the extra step                
Angelo Bilias   Angelo Bilias
Lessons learned                       
Raymon Anderson   Raymon Anderson
The law of no compromise      
Geovanna Jammo   Geovanna Jammo
Learn something new every day                    
Tim Tresize tile   Tim Tresize
Don’t be a grinder!                      
Stephanie Vatala   Stephanie Vatala
Working in an emergency ward;                     
Tim ORyan   Timothy O'Ryan
A people person                      
Corinne Attard   Corinne Attard
Anticipate the "what ifs"         
Anella Bortone   Anella Bortone
Life is not spelt J-O-B              
Fay Calderone CareerHub tile   Fay Calderone
Confessions of a practice owner                       
Nicole Tyson CareerHub tile   Nicole Tyson
Organise to accomplish           
Cassandra Banks CareerHub tile   Cassandra Banks
Problem solver extraordinaire                        
Kathryn Lewis   Kathryn Lewis
Do what you love and spend time with people you want to be with
Farid Varess   Farid Varess 
Accredited Specialist in Immigration Law                                   
James Mattson   James Mattson
Employment and industrial law specialist
Michael Shephard   Michael Shephard
Property law specialist            
Michael Shephard   Justin Wong
Criminal Law specialist